Radio Flyer Test Families

Hello Families!

Thank you for your interest in the Radio Flyer Test Families Program. Unfortunately we are no longer accepting new families at this time.

Thank you and have a great day!

-The Radio Flyer Design Research Team

Program Details:

The program consists of research opportunities for families to complete. Research opportunities include testing new products at home, submitting online reviews for tested products, participating in phone interviews directly with our Product Development Team, completing online surveys, and more. When there is a new research opportunity available, we will send an email out to all families who qualify for the opportunity based on your child(ren)’s age(s). Then, if you wish to participate, you must respond to the email and answer any additional questions included. All research opportunities are completely optional.

Each research opportunity has a limited number of participating families, so you may not get selected for every opportunity you sign up for and we only have a certain amount of research opportunities each year. However, if you are selected for an opportunity and do not complete all requirements of the opportunity in a timely matter, you will forfeit your eligibility for any future opportunities.

Participating in each research opportunity is completely free to you and your family, and often will include rewards for participating. Rewards can include receiving and keeping a new product you test, discounts on your next purchase, or other gift card options!

Additional program Details:

  • All program members must have at least one child 8 years old or younger
  • All program members must reside in the continental United States

If you wish to sign up for the Radio Flyer Test Families Program, please read through and submit the questions below!

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us at